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Geosciences is proud to be part of UConn’s Next Generation initiative through a focus on STEM programs.  Find out more through these interactive videos and links:

Next Generation Connecticut Video

Building Connecticut’s Economic Future Through STEM

Next Generation Connecticut is Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s initiative to greatly expand educational opportunities, research, and innovation in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines at UConn over the next decade. The shared goal of this initiative is to leverage the strength and resources of this University to build Connecticut’s future workforce, create jobs, and invigorate the State’s economy. The cornerstone of this effort is a major increase in the University’s enrollment, the expansion of our faculty, and the development of new and existing facilities to accommodate enhanced STEM research and teaching. It will also support the academic missions and the expansion of critical programs at UConn’s Hartford and Stamford campuses.

The Vision

The Next Generation Connecticut (NGC) initiative represents one of the most ambitious state investments in economic development, higher education and research in the nation. The investments in NGC will transform the University of Connecticut into a top public research institution, fueling Connecticut’s economy with new technologies, training highly-skilled graduates, and creating new companies, patents, licenses, and high-wage jobs. The components of this ambitious ten-year plan include:

  • Hiring new research and teaching faculty (the majority of whom will be in STEM disciplines, including Engineering, Biological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences);
  • Increasing enrollment of undergraduate students at the Storrs and Stamford campuses;
  • Building research facilities to house materials science, physics, biology, engineering, cognitive science, genomics and related disciplines;
  • Constructing new teaching laboratories;
  • Creating a premier STEM Honors program to attract increasing numbers of high achieving undergraduates;
  • Upgrading aging infrastructure to accommodate new faculty and students;
  • Expanding Stamford degree programs and providing student housing in Stamford; and
  • Relocating Greater Hartford Campus to downtown Hartford.



In June 2013 the State of Connecticut continued its tradition of supporting UConn’s success withNext Generation Connecticut, an investment of approximately $1.5 billion. The primary focus is to expand UConn’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs to provide qualified individuals for Connecticut industries. This STEM expansion includes:

  • Hiring 200 new STEM faculty
  • Increasing enrollment of STEM-focused students
  • Building STEM facilities to house material science, physics, biology, engineering, cognitive science, genomics, teaching labs and related disciplines
  • Creating a STEM Scholars community within UConn’s Honors Program

STEM Scholars

High achieving students applying to a STEM major have the opportunity to be selected as a STEM Scholar. In addition to receiving a scholarship, UConn STEM Scholars have the freedom to choose a course of study in numerous STEM fields and receive unique resources, benefits, and opportunities to enhance and support their academic pursuits.

  • Living & Learning Community – live with other STEM and Honors Scholars in a tight-knit community, within the Honors first-year residential complex.
  • First Year Experience STEM-related Seminar – participate with peers, taught by Honors faculty members.
  • Monthly STEM Research Seminars – broaden your knowledge base while sharing your insights.
  • Dedicated Staff Advisors – work closely together to identify the right research-based internships, study abroad opportunities, and undergraduate research positions for you.
  • Apply for an IDEA or SURF Grant – obtain funding for your original or creative project.

Invitations to the STEM Scholars community are competitive. While a strong academic performance is required, particular importance will be placed on experiences outside of the classroom that indicate an interest and commitment to the STEM field.

Geosciences is proud to be part of the STEM field.