Julie Fosdick

Assistant Professor

My research focuses on reconstructing ancient phases of mountain building and erosion to understand how tectonics, surface processes, and climate interact to influence the Earth’s dynamic landscapes. Research methods include field mapping and stratigraphy, low-temperature thermochronology, sediment provenance analysis, geochronology, and structural reconstructions. Currently, I have ongoing projects in the Magallanes (Austral) Basin in the Patagonian Andes, the Argentine Precordillera of the southern Central Andes, and the San Andreas Fault System in California.


  • Ph.D.: Geological & Environmental Sciences at Stanford University
  • M.S.: Geological & Environmental Sciences at Stanford University
  • B.S.: Geological Sciences at University of California, Santa Barbara


  • GSCI 4140: Sedimentary Basin Analysis
  • GSCI 3010: Earth History and Global Change
  • GSCI 2310 / GEOG 2310: National Parks Unearthed: Geology & Landscapes Through Time


Julie Fosdick
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