Undergraduate Program

Geoscience students exploring gravity and learning why closed depressions are rare on the Earth’s surface.

Geoscience is an outdoor-focused STEM science with excellent career prospects, and strong links to related fields, including environmental science, hydrology, environmental engineering, climate change, conservation ecology, risk assessment, natural resource management, natural hazards, journalism, outdoor education, and adventure tourism.  It’s the modern upgrade of the traditional core discipline of geology merged with all components of the earth system, the atmosphere, waters, and ecosystems.

Slate Magazine explains why geoscience is the best choice for science elective.

Our undergraduate program offers a wide range of opportunities for students of all stripes.

Curious about how the earth works?  Try one of our introductory electives designed to enrich your understanding of our home planet, and which satisfy UCOnn’s general education requirements for Environmental Literacy (E) and non-lab science (CA3). These 3-credit electives are designed for non-science students, have no pre-requisites, are taught in a variety of formats; lecture, hybrid, discussion, and online, and are scheduled at a variety of times.

  • GSCI 1000E – The Human Epoch: Living in the Anthropocene
  • GSCI 1010 – Dinosaurs, Extinctions & Environmental Catastrophes
  • GSCI 1051 – Earth’s Dynamic Environment 
  • GSCI 1055 Geoscience and the American Landscape (Honors)
  • GSCI 1070 – Natural Disasters and Environmental Change

Want a good introductory geoscience course?  Our 4-credit bundled course (GSCI 1050) or our 1-credit lab-only course (GSCI 1052) taken with with GSCI 1010, 1051, 1055, or 1070, satisfies the  General education requirements for a CA3 lab-science course.

  • GSCI 1050 – Earth’s Dynamic Environment (Lecture + Lab) 4 credits.
  • GSCI 1052 – Earth’s Dynamic Environment (Lab only) 1-credit.

Interested in a Geoscience major, second major, or minor? 

We’ve recently re-designed the BS and BA geoscience major to accommodate three different interests in three tracks:

  • Environmental – Job ready skills for careers in site assessment and mitigation, risk management, groundwater hydrology, mineral resources, and watershed management.   This will soon combined with a 5th year MS program.
  • Atmosphere – Science of the origins and evolution of Earth’s atmosphere and climate change.
  • Earth – Broad training with an emphasis on the history and systems of the solid earth.

Need related credits or an interesting elective? At the 2000 level, we currently feature two with no pre-requisites. Beyond the 2000 level, we offer many courses as electives, depending on prerequisites.

  • GSCI 2310 – National Parks Unearthed
  • GSCI 2800 – Our Evolving Atmosphere (CA3)

Geoscience Major Plan of Study prior to Fall 2020

Stop in to see Christin Donnelly in Beach Hall, Room 207, call us at 860-486-4432, or email us for further information.  We are happy to answer questions and guide you through course selection and degree programs.