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Geoscience in the News 2015-16:

Don’t miss Thor’s latest column in the Hartford Courant here:

Lisa_Meets_Jonathan  Lisa meets Jonathan!

Congratulations to James Farrell, a winner of the 2015 GSA Northeastern Section Graduate Student Outstanding Poster Award!

Faculty/Student Publications:

Dr. Michael Hren’s publication in PNAS: Terrestrial cooling in Northern Europe during the Eocene-Oligocene transition

Geoscience in UConn Today:

Dr. Gary Robbins: Lego Model Aqueducts Bridge Ancient and Modern

Dr. William Ouimet: Hidden New England Landscape Comes to Life

Dr. Robert Thorson’s New Book: Walden’s Shore

Dr. Gary Robbins’ Groundwater Monitoring

Graduate Student Mark Smith Wins First Place in Innovation Quest Competition

Dr. Michael Hren’s Research on Terrestrial Climate and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Geoscience Faculty Participate in First CLAS Alumni College Experience

Geoscience in the News:

Ouimet recognized for NSF Award to run New England KECK Program at UConn.

Geoscientist Lisa Park Boush Joins UConn Faculty

Earth Magazine: The history, science and poety of New England’s stone walls (focuses on Dr. Robert Thorson’s research and publications)

Michael Hren’s GSCI 3040 Class Takes a Field Trip to Study Outcrops in Lisbon, CT

James Farrell recognized for AGU GeoPRISMS Student Prize

Patrick Getty “In the Footsteps of Dinosaurs” 

Professor Vernon Cormier has been awarded $300,000 from the National Science Foundation for his project, “Characterization of Small-scale Heterogeneity in the Deep Earth.”

Geoscience Theses are Available in the Geoscience Library

You can download an excel spreadsheet of all available theses by clicking HERE.  These are also available in the Homer Babbidge Library on the Storrs campus.

Geoscience Newsletters

The Geoscience Newsletter is a yearly publication.  If you are not on the list and would like to be, please send a note to and we will add you to the list.

You can view our newsletter archives by clicking HERE.

Geoscience Photo Collection

Check out our Flickr page for photos from classes, events, trips and other happenings in the Department of Geosciences!

UConn’s Geowall

In 2010, the Geoscience program at UConn was fortunate to be awarded the Schwenk award for Innovation in Teaching through the UConn Foundation, that enabled us to purchase a GeoWall system for use in classes and research.

The original GeoWall and GeoWall2 systems were developed with the help of the National Science Foundation. More information about the project as well as schools that have GeoWall systems can be found here.

The system here at UConn is 2-fold and consists of both a 3D projector system (original GeoWall) where students can view various processes in 3 dimensions and a 2D high resolution screen array (GeoWall2) for viewing very high res imagery (satellite, microscope photos, etc.).


Did you know the UConn has a seismogram?

It’s part of Lamont-Doherty’s Cooperative Network.Find out more about the network and view recordings by clicking here!

Dr. Thorson’s Column in the Hartford Courant

Thor has put together a variety of his articles that deal with Connecticut’s landscape, people, and geology into a comprehensive collection.  You can download it here!