Social Distancing via “Walden”

To help cope with social distancing and the economic wreckage to come, Robert Thorson published an essay invited by The Conversation that was republished by the PBS Newshour. Following the advice given by Henry D. Thoreau in Walden, he suggests focussing on what really matters, and learning to live with less. (Photo of Walden Pond, Concord, MA, […]

Robert Thorson’s Latest Book, The Boatman: Henry David Thoreau’s River Years

Geoscience faculty member Robert Thorson (Thor) recently published his latest book, The Boatman: Henry David Thoreau’s River Years. It has reached #11 for Environmental Science publications in Library Journal. You can read reviews of the book here: And here:  

Earth Science Fair

On Saturday, October 14th, the Department of Geosciences held the second annual Earth Science Fair in celebration of Earth Science Week.  The event showcased the research of UConn faculty and graduate students, as well as engaging the public in activities that allowed them to learn about many aspects of Geoscience. Activities included geode smashing, digging […]

Geomicrobiology (MARN 4895 GSCI 4130) Fall 2016 – first time offered since 2012

Microbes have dominated life for most of Earth’s history, shaping our planet and playing a key role in many of Earth’s processes. Microbial metabolism is at the basis for the search for life beyond our planet….. Lectures – Short Labs – Fieldtrip Offered in Storrs and Avery Point   Course content: The Origin of Life, […]

UConn Alumni, Kevin Bohacs, presents at Geoscience Seminar Series

On March 8th, at a standing-room only attended event held in the Student Union, UConn Alumni (’76) Dr. Kevin Bohacs was the guest speaker for Department of Geosciences Spring Seminar Series. Dr. Bohacs talk was entitled “The path to Gale Crater—the role of terrestrial field work in selecting a landing site on Mars.” Dr. Bohacs […]

Geoscience Field Course Investigates the Sustainability of the Bahamas by Bri Diaz of CLAS

Geoscience Field Course Investigates the Sustainability of the Bahamas By: Bri Diaz, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences February 22, 2016   Center For Integrative Geosciences, Physical Sciences Thirteen undergraduate students and two graduate students in UConn’s geoscience program found themselves on the sunny Bahamian island of San Salvador this January. The trip was not […]

Professor Thorson’s Hartford Courant Columns

Don’t miss Thor’s latest columns:   Lump of coal for Christmas? I’ll take two – Hartford Courant A lump of coal in your stocking at Christmas was something for bad children, but Robert Thorson, budding geologist, would have been thrilled to get a big piece of …   ______________________________________________________________________ No One Noticed Cheaper […]

Bahamas Education Abroad – Student Blog

Bahamas Education Abroad – Program News 13 undergraduate students, 2 graduate students participated in an Education Abroad trip to the Bahamas during Winter Intersession. The trip was led by Director Lisa Park Boush. The students’ blog is available here: The trip was subsequently covered by CLAS in a story (link below).  Check out the […]