Black in Geoscience

We must all do our part to support the sea-change in culture and politics regarding equality and justice for all peoples, particularly for blacks.  For many reasons, representation in geoscience by blacks is lagging behind that of other fields at at all levels from student to emeritus faculty.  This recent posting from the American Geophysics […]

UConn Geoscience Graduate Group Writes Earth Science Day Handbook

Every year in October, the UConn Geoscience Graduate Group, along with faculty and undergraduate students, host an Earth Science Day event.  The event consists of a variety of booths showcasing the research of the faculty and students in our department, as well as general Geoscience information that the general public finds interesting and exciting. The […]

Geoscience Day 2020!

Happy Geoscience Day! Under more cheerful circumstances, we would all be gathered in the Student Union enjoying lunch and an awards ceremony right now.  Even though that isn’t possible, it is important to us that we acknowledge Geoscience Day, all the hard work everyone put in this year and our graduating students, both undergraduate and […]

Undergraduate Researcher Receives Grant for Field Work

Rebekah Kennedy was recently awarded a grant of $1285 from the Billings Fund New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference to support her summer field work.  She’s working with geologist Robert Wintsch and thesis advisor Robert Thorson, Her project title is “The Pinewood Adamellite: Southwestern Connecticut’s Hidden Gem.” She will map in the field and collect specimens […]

Dr. Andrew Bush Publishes in Science, Featured in UConn Today

Associate Professor Andrew Bush was featured in UConn Today on February 28th, 2020 for his recent publication in Science, “Ecologically diverse clades dominate the oceans via extinction resistance”.  Follow the links below to read the UConn Today article and to UConn Today article: “Paleontologists Discover Why the Oceans are so Diverse” Science Link: “Ecologically diverse […]

Dr. Gary Robbins Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America

Dr. Gary Robbins has been elected a fellow of the Geological Society of America. From the GSA Website: Gary A. Robbins (University of Connecticut): Gary Robbins has developed seminal analytical solutions governing solute transport in groundwater, and novel and important methods to characterize groundwater quality and aquifer material properties from monitoring wells. His work has […]

Department Ship Changes Captains

During our long voyage toward becoming a department, our founding head, Lisa Park Boush, was fond of quoting Commodore Oliver Perry’s phrase “Never Give Up The Ship.” She didn’t. We didn’t. We won.  Under her leadership, we earned the opportunity to become a real department.  Hurrah! Alas, Lisa’s talents were noticed by Juli Wade, the […]

GSCI 1055 Honors Students Work Compiled in Course Book

Robert Thorson’s GSCI 1055 Honor’s students produced a collaborative final research project for the course, which is titled Geoscience and the American Landscape.  Thor is proud to e-publish and share the results, accomplished by introductory students with nothing more than Google Earth, the Geological Map of North America and their introductory text. See the link […]