About Us


The University of Connecticut is a top-20 public University in the United States. Its flagship campus is in the wooded, rural highlands of eastern Connecticut, with regional campuses in Avery Point and Stamford on the shore, and  Hartford and Waterbury in the state interior.  Its Department of Geosciences, was recently created within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  as the university’s home for Earth System Science undergraduate and graduate education, career training, scientific research and service to the state, nation.

In spring 2020, the department has 14 full time faculty and three jointly appointed faculty engaged in a strong program of externally funded research in a broad range of disciplines with projects around the world. The graduate program has ~ 15 Ph.D. students and post-docs,  ~50 undergraduate majors, and  a enrolled students from around the university.  Though the main focus is in Storrs, courses are also taught at three of the regional campuses.

UConn has had a strong geoscience program since becoming the state’s Land-Grant University in the late 19th century. in July 2019 the university’s Center for Integrated Geosciences  was re-focussed and enlarged to create a Department of Geoscience with Lisa Park Boush as its founding  head.  The Department Head (Interim) is now Robert M. Thorson.  Please feel free to contact him about any matter.

Image: Earth System Science involves all aspects of the planet and its billion-years-long history. Courtesy UConn Extension.