Geomicrobiology (MARN 4895 GSCI 4130) Fall 2016 – first time offered since 2012

MARN 4895 GSCI 4130 Geomicrobiology

Microbes have dominated life for most of Earth’s history, shaping our planet and
playing a key role in many of Earth’s processes. Microbial metabolism is at the
basis for the search for life beyond our planet…..

Lectures – Short Labs – Fieldtrip
Offered in Storrs and Avery Point


Course content: The Origin of Life, Microbial diversity and biogeochemistry,
Microbe-mineral interacVons, Element cycling, Banded iron formaVons,
Carbonate build-ups, Microbialites, Atmospheric record, Hydrothermal vents,
Astrobiology, Extreme environments, Thermodynamics, Fossil record, and
Methods in Geomicrobiology

Three credits; Lectures Tues/Thurs 12:15-1:45pm. Weekend Field trip in
October to Green Lake, NY, and Devonian Stromatolites, Lester Park, NY
For more information contact: Pieter Visscher (