UConn Alumni, Kevin Bohacs, presents at Geoscience Seminar Series

On March 8th, at a standing-room only attended event held in the Student Union, UConn Alumni (’76) Dr. Kevin Bohacs was the guest speaker for Department of Geosciences Spring Seminar Series.

Dr. Bohacs talk was entitled “The path to Gale Crater—the role of terrestrial field work in selecting a landing site on Mars.”

Dr. Bohacs is a senior research scientist with ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. His work integrates many scales of field and laboratory investigation, from plate tectonics to molecular geochemistry, to quantitative reconstructions of climate, oceanography, tectonics, and ecosystems of ancient depositional systems ranging from deep ocean to swamps and lakes.

Dr. Bohacs is also responsible for the establishment of “the Nugget Fund”, the first endowment in Geoscience, set up to help offset the travel costs associated with geological field work by providing financial assistance for students on field trips, and supporting undergraduate research and enhancing departmental programs, such as symposia, lectures, and conferences.

The event was well attended by undergraduate and graduate students across various disciplines, as well as faculty and staff from departments throughout the university.