Month: November 2015

Dr. Michael Hren receives award from American Chemical Society’s Petroleum Research Fund

Michael Hren was awarded $110,000 from the American Chemical Society – Petroleum Research Fund for a proposal entitled “Evaluating the Preservation Potential of Buried Organic Carbon: A Laboratory and Field Study of the Impact of Burial Diagenesis on Stable Isotopic and Organic Molecular Records”. The proposed research will focus on understanding how the distribution and stable isotopic […]

Wintersession 2015-16

Winter Intersession 2015-16 Bahamas Field Course GSCI 4999 (3 credits) Learn about geology, geography, biology and sustainability in a natural laboratory! This course will examine all aspects of this carbonate island systems, including its bedrock geology, hydrology, karst and cave systems, coral reefs, inland lakes, beach and coastal geomorphology, biology, archaeology, climate history and its […]

American Geosciences Institute Internship Opportunities

          Geoscience Policy Internship Level: BS/BA or MS/MA Be a Geoscience Policy Intern with the American Geosciences Institute! The Geoscience Policy Program represents the geoscience community in Washington DC, and actively works with Congress and federal agencies to foster sound public policy in areas that affect geoscientists, including water, energy, and […]

Geological Society of America Internship Opportunities

Summer Programs AGI Summer & Semester Internships (undergrad or Masters geoscience students) Gain a first-hand understanding of the legislative process and the operation of executive branch agencies. Hone writing, research, and web publishing skills. Stipend available. East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) EAPSI supports 200-205 graduate students each year to do research in the […]

Amec Foster Wheeler Internship Opportunities

Our program They have three internship programs available. Internship format: A ten-week program – learning about Amec Foster Wheeler, gaining new skills, and contributing to projects Experience real work as part of a specialist team working on a real project through on-the-job experience with plenty of soft skills training provided Take part in lunchtime learning […]

Patrick Getty received coverage in Science News for presentation at GSA

Congrats to Patrick Getty for the article written in Science News about his presentation “Ancient larvae built predator-thwarting mazes” that was given at the recent GSA Conference in Baltimore, MD! Here’s an excerpt from the article: “Branching tunnels called Treptichnus embedded inside ancient rocks are among the oldest and most widespread preserved structures built by […]