Getting blood from a stone: Animation, X-rays, and dinosaur track diversity by Stephen Gatesy, Brown University


Please join us!  Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 12:30pm in Beach Hall 233 for our next Seminar Series presentation by Stpehen Gatesy of Brown University.

Stephen Gatesy’s background is in biology, paleontology, and art. He has a BA from Colgate University, was the Watson Fellow where he studied dinosaurs in European museums, and received his Ph.D. from Harvard, where his research featured X-ray and muscle activity studies of alligators and birds to explore the evolution of hind limb function in bipedal, meat-eating dinosaurs (theropods).

Stephen Gatesy’s research uses 3-D animation tools to reconstruct dinosaur foot movements based on fossil tracks, to measure skeletal motion in walking and flying birds, and to find new ways to study locomotor evolution.