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Black in Geoscience

We must all do our part to support the sea-change in culture and politics regarding equality and justice for all peoples, particularly for blacks.  For many reasons, representation in geoscience by blacks is lagging behind that of other fields at at all levels from student to emeritus faculty.  This recent posting from the American Geophysics […]

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Department of Geosciences Launches New Anthropocene Course

In Spring 2020 Dr. Robert Thorson created and piloted a new course, GSCI 1000E. The Human Epoch: Living in the Anthropocene.  The course filled with about 70 students and has gained an excellent reputation among students!  We look forward to offering it twice this summer and again in the fall and spring semesters.  See the […]

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UConn Geoscience Graduate Group Writes Earth Science Day Handbook

Every year in October, the UConn Geoscience Graduate Group, along with faculty and undergraduate students, host an Earth Science Day event.  The event consists of a variety of booths showcasing the research of the faculty and students in our department, as well as general Geoscience information that the general public finds interesting and exciting. The […]

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