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Dr. Andrew Bush Publishes in Science, Featured in UConn Today

Associate Professor Andrew Bush was featured in UConn Today on February 28th, 2020 for his recent publication in Science, “Ecologically diverse clades dominate the oceans via extinction resistance”.  Follow the links below to read the UConn Today article and to UConn Today article: “Paleontologists Discover Why the Oceans are so Diverse” Science Link: “Ecologically diverse […]

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Dr. Gary Robbins Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America

Dr. Gary Robbins has been elected a fellow of the Geological Society of America. From the GSA Website: Gary A. Robbins (University of Connecticut): Gary Robbins has developed seminal analytical solutions governing solute transport in groundwater, and novel and important methods to characterize groundwater quality and aquifer material properties from monitoring wells. His work has […]

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Department Ship Changes Captains

During our long voyage toward becoming a department, our founding head, Lisa Park Boush, was fond of quoting Commodore Oliver Perry’s phrase “Never Give Up The Ship.” She didn’t. We didn’t. We won.  Under her leadership, we earned the opportunity to become a real department.  Hurrah! Alas, Lisa’s talents were noticed by Juli Wade, the […]

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  2. Apr 22 50th Anniversary of Earth Day Celebration12:30pm
  3. Apr 24 Geosciences Seminar Series: Alan Rooney (Yale)12:30pm
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