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Department Ship Changes Captains

During our long voyage toward becoming a department, our founding head, Lisa Park Boush, was fond of quoting Commodore Oliver Perry’s phrase “Never Give Up The Ship.” She didn’t. We didn’t. We won.  Under her leadership, we earned the opportunity to become a real department.  Hurrah! Alas, Lisa’s talents were noticed by Juli Wade, the […]

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GSCI 1055 Honors Students Work Compiled in Course Book

Robert Thorson’s GSCI 1055 Honor’s students produced a collaborative final research project for the course, which is titled Geoscience and the American Landscape.  Thor is proud to e-publish and share the results, accomplished by introductory students with nothing more than Google Earth, the Geological Map of North America and their introductory text. See the link […]

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Dr. Robert Thorson Featured in UConn Magazine

Dr. Robert Thorson is featured in the latest issue of UConn magazine in an article titled “The Shape of Storrs”. He discusses the geology of UConn and how it became the place we know and love today! Follow the links below to read an excerpt from the article and watch his video titled “How UConn […]

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Upcoming Events

  1. Feb 28 Geosciences Seminar Series: Jason Smerdon (Columbia University)12:30pm
  2. Mar 27 Geosciences Seminar Series: Guangsheng Zhuang (Louisiana State University)12:30pm
  3. Apr 10 Geosciences Seminar Series: Michael Kelley (NASA)12:30pm
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